About us




Logistics Network

  • The name Loginet comes from Logistics Network.
  • Loginet services a network of more than 15.000 transport and logistics companies in Europe and Australia. The network aims at:
    - cooperation
    - data sharing
    - open source software
    - offer all possible applications (TMS, FMS, WMS, etc.)

How Loginet helps

  • ICT can be very expensive, especially if you have technical staff and consultants running around. This is what we call old school.
  • Today we have The Cloud where specialists take care of the technical infrastructure, securing your data and applications 24/7.
  • The Cloud also offers a host of open source software, in particular to the logistics industry. This is where Loginet helps you. For almost every problem there is a solution in the cloud.
  • Loginet makes cloud applications available and delivers turn key solutions in minutes with proven open source software running in your own cloud.
  • So looking for quality in logistics and ICT? Forget the old school, go Cloud! Use open source and use applications that are proven many times over.
  • Choose the easiest and most economical solutions and let the network be your business.